Come Fly With WestJet and West Canadian

If you have ever had to cram your luggage into the overhead compartment on a plane, then you’ll appreciate this project!  

This past summer, Calgary-based WestJet came to West Canadian with a fun challenge—to construct a device that could be used by their staff in boarding lounges across Canada, to help determine if passengers carry-on bags would fit in overhead compartments.

The device had to be lightweight, easy to carry, work as a ‘slide-over’ and as a ‘place-in’ device—and of course—be very durable.  

After a pilot project (excuse the pun) that saw a dozen of these devices tested for several months, WestJet was ready to go into full production. In fact, these worked so well that WestJet ordered 400 of the devices, which will be used in every airport WestJet flies out of. Airports in Canada, USA, Mexico, even Ireland will soon have a little made-in-Calgary ingenuity at work.

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