West Canadian Launches 'Think Small' Campaign to Support Small Business

In partnership with Canada Post, West Canadian is offering free postage on direct mail marketing campaigns for independent small businesses across Canada. 


West Canadian and Canada Post are working together to help small businesses get back on their feet by making it easy and affordable to reach customers at home. For a limited time, independent small businesses can qualify for free postage on up to 6,000 direct mail postcards.

The Limited Time Offer

The Think Small™ program was designed to provide small businesses with the tools, resources and discounts needed to help them rebuild their business. With targeted neighbourhood direct mail, small businesses can market to homes and other businesses that are within a selected geographic radius of their location. 

The Think Small bundle includes printing and delivery of up to 6,000  9x6" postcards for just $0.26 per piece. Orange Door, West Canadian's in-house design agency, is offering graphic design services for a $650 flat fee. 

How to Qualify

To qualify for free postage, you must be an independent small business located in Canada and cannot be part of a franchise or have an existing commercial agreement with Canada Post.

Think Small DM Template

Why Direct Mail Marketing?

In a time where we're inundated with digital messages, direct mail can cut through the noise, inform your customers that you've adapted your services and help you to increase sales.

47% of people have visited a store in response to a direct mail piece.

Because direct mail is tangible, our brains are hard-wired to pay attention to it. Research shows that your marketing campaign is more engaging and powerful when you include direct mail in the mix.

Learn more about the science of direct mail > 

Ready to Learn More?

Claim your free postage and get started with your Direct Mail Marketing campaign today by clicking the link below. 

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