The Easiest (and Most Affordable) Way to Go Paperless: Scan-to-Zero

It started with a filing cabinet. Then a closet. Eventually, your organization's paper records collection grew so much that your office space couldn't sustain it, so you entered into a contract with a file storage vendor. Sound familiar?

Today, the average organization increases its paper consumption by 22% each year, which means there's no sign of that growth stopping anytime soon. 

Driven by a shift towards remote work and an increase in economic uncertainty, many businesses are now looking to improve their employees' access to company information and reduce their overall operating costs. Thankfully, both objectives can be achieved with a single solution... by eliminating the large volumes of paper in your organization that take up valuable real estate, cost money to store and are very difficult (if not impossible) to access while working remotely. 

The solution sounds simple—eliminate paper. But often, this can feel like a daunting and expensive endeavor that leaves many businesses wondering, "Where do we start?" Enter Scan-to-Zero. 

What is Scan-to-Zero? 

Scan-to-Zero is a method of digitizing your paper records collection that is easy, affordable and flexible. Rather than deploying resources to scan your entire records collection all at once (which can be daunting and expensive), our team will digitize a fixed volume of your records each month until your collection is complete.

If your records are taking up space in your office, or you're paying expensive document storage fees, we'll alleviate those pain points right away. At no additional cost, we will store your records at our secure facilities while they're waiting in the queue to be scanned.


When it's time for digitization, our experts securely convert, extract and index the valuable data from your records using our state-of-the-art capture technology including an IBML scanner, Kofax Capture and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). 

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The Scan-to-Zero Process 

How does it work? 

  • We assess your needs and establish a budget, timeline and technical requirements for your file delivery 
  • We securely transport your collection to our storage facilities where your documents await scanning, or we can remove small batches from your office at a time (we're flexible to your needs) 
  • Whether your budget is $500 or $5000, we'll scan a fixed rate of documents each month until your paper volume and invoice both reach zero
  • While your files are in the queue waiting to be scanned, you'll still have access to them—just let us know what files you need, and our experts will locate and deliver them securely right away
  • Once your documents are digitized, we deliver them to you digitally (and we can also help you with content management solutions and strategies) 
  • After they're scanned, West Canadian can safely destroy your records in accordance with compliance regulations, or we can return them safely to you (or a combination of the above)

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Key Benefits of Scan-to-Zero 

1) Eliminate Document Storage Costs and Contracts

If your business records are in a document storage facility, you're likely paying a fixed monthly rate on a long-term contract. When that contract is up, there's still no end in site as your volume of information continues to grow. With Scan-to-Zero, you pay what you want until the work is done and your invoice is zero. 

Scan-to-Zero Price Comparison GraphV2


2) Gain Access to Critical Business Records 

Once your documents are scanned and converted, West Canadian offers and supports several solutions for digital file delivery and information management. Our experts will work with your unique needs, budget and timelines to determine what's right for you.

3) Improve Workplace Efficiency 

Research shows that a typical employee spends 30-40% of their time looking for information that's stored away in filing cabinets. Once you've gone digital, you can organize your content repository in a simple and effective way that makes it easy to find information whenever and wherever you need it. 

Getting Started

The first step is a conversation. Take advantage of our complimentary Scan-to-Zero Site Assessment and we'll visit the location of your business records to assess:

  • The approximate volume of your records
  • File types and unique requirements for digitization
  • Your budget and timeline for going digital

Plus, for a limited time get a complimentary proof of concept that includes the scanning and electronic delivery of one banker's box of files. More information at the link below. 


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