TELUS Spark Celebrates Scientists with New Banner Installed by West Canadian

If you're driving southbound on Calgary's Deerfoot Trail today, you may notice that the TELUS Spark building has a new banner hanging proudly for highway-goers to see.

Paying homage to the scientists that are working tirelessly to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 and inform the public to keep us safe, the banner delivers a bold message for the world to see: "Thank you scientists.


Photo credit: James Greig Media

Around the world, people are finding unique ways to salute those that work in essential services, from balcony cheering for healthcare workers in Belgium to celebrating essential transportation personnel at Canada's St. John's port. As an organization that teaches the public about science through interactive exhibits, school programs and unique events, TELUS Spark is calling on our heroes of science to thank them for all they do. 

"Scientists express what’s going on in amperes, nanometers, degrees. Very very slowly, what we know through science makes its way into what we do as society. But it takes a long time," says Mary Anne Moser, President & CEO at TELUS Spark. "When, as in the case of COVID-19, what’s going on is measured in units of human bodies, it doesn’t take as long. So right now, I join millions around the world to say thank you scientists."

"So right now, I join millions around the world to say thank you scientists." 

— Mary Anne Moser, President & CEO at Telus Spark


Photo credit: James Greig Media

Experts in signage solutions, the West Canadian Signage Team produced and installed the 65 x 43 foot banner using a perforated vinyl mesh banner, enabling heavy winds to pass through the sign without causing wear and tear.

"West Canadian is proud to have been involved with this initiative to show our support for TELUS Spark, an organization that is deeply woven into the spirit of Calgary's community," says West Canadian's President & CEO, Karen Brookman. 

Video footage credit: James Greig Media

Learn about how West Canadian is using signage to help keep our communities safe through its Physical Distancing Signage Program by clicking the link below. 

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