Can Retail Graphics Really Enhance Your Customer Experience?

When making a purchase, consumers are looking for more than just the product or service they are paying for—your customers are seeking an experience.

In particular, the customer who chooses to shop in person, versus online, is making purchasing decisions based on far more than just price or convenience. But you likely knew that already. The question is, have you thought about how printed display graphics can help craft your overall customer experience?

There are a number of ways in which signs and display graphics can enhance your customer experience and help to mold perception of your brand. When done right, in-store graphics should add to the ROI of your marketing programs, and not be thought of as just another cost of doing business. 

Below are techniques to get the best results when using graphics in-store (and “on-store”) to enrich your customer experience. As you read them, most likely you will be able to think of numerous major retail brands that use these techniques - and there is good reason why; they really work!  And the best part —these are attainable for businesses large and small.

1) Keep your message current

Seasonal graphics help to keep your message fresh and current. Imagery that is “in-season” immediately communicates that the message that goes along with it is current and worth reading (even if it could apply year-round).  The spillover effect is that it helps to keep your brand renewed and your environment inviting for customers who like to keep on top of current trends.

2) Add relevance to your brand

Permanent display graphics, such as wall murals and printed window vinyls, can be very effective at blending the personality of your brand together with the interior design of your space.   Something as simple as ‘lifestyle’ images on your walls or windows can be an excellent way to help customers understand where your brand fits into everyday life.  Graphics like this can also work to reinforce your brand positioning, whether it is luxurious and high-end, or raw end edgy.

3) The up-sell or impulse buy

Creative signage can help present up-sell opportunities or impulse purchases at just the right time. The more creative, the more effective they will be. Consider using some a-typical locations to deliver your up-sell message, such as walk-on floor graphics, mirrors in bathrooms, or wrapping elevator doors. A creatively placed up-sell message can be very effective at driving new revenue.

4) The functional can still be fashionable

When customers enter your space, there is likely some basic information they expect to be readily available.   It could be the location of the fitting rooms, or help finding sale items, or just your store hours.  Although these are very functional messages to communicate, don’t fall into the trap of thinking they need to be boring. Even the most routine messages can be delivered in a creative way that that is on-brand and helps to offer that polished and uniform experience customers have come to expect.

5) The “Cool Factor”

The power of an innovative graphic installation is often underestimated.  Taking your display graphics to the next level can really boost the value you receive from them.  For example, rather than a flat mural, why not have some elements that literally pop-off the wall, creating a multi-dimensional effect.  It can be a great way to draw attention to key areas, and also helps to ensure your message is memorable. 

Graphics can also be applied to surfaces that may not have typically been the domain of marketing, such as  brick walls, pillar,  ceiling tiles, or even messages that spill off the wall and onto windows, countertops and the floor.

6) Engage with your customer

We seem to hear the words “customer engagement” every day—it’s become the holy grail of any marketing professional, and creative display graphics can be an outstanding tool to help you get there.   For your next promotion, why not use a photo-op display that encourages your customers to have their photo taken in - or in front of - your display?  These can be comprised of a photo backdrop, cardboard cutouts, printed props, or the classic “peek-through” characters. These setups lend themselves perfectly to contesting on social media.   

Another way to have graphics that encourage your customers to engage is with augmented reality.  Using their smart phone, certain areas of the graphic can come to life to offer more information and even allow the customer to interact and influence what they are seeing.

So, can printed graphics enrich the customer experience?  Yes, absolutely they can. Need some help identifying how these techniques can be applied inside your business? Please contact us today and one of our experts will be more than happy to offer a free consultation.

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