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ATCO has been part of the Alberta landscape for as long as I can remember. Many of us have called an ATCO trailer home while we worked in the field, or as children, we made the quick dash on a cold Alberta morning to a portable classroom that resided in an ATCO trailer. A mainstay in many Alberta kitchens for the last 80 years has been the well-known and well-loved ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen cookbook.

So, when ATCO approached West Canadian to help take the Blue Flame Kitchen on the road, we were all in! Our signage team was tasked with transforming the look of the Mobile ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen from semi-truck with chassis to pop-up stage that resembles an ATCO trailer when parked at events.

The illusion was achieved with the help of a constructed aluminum frame and individually printed panels incorporated into a full 3M vinyl vehicle wrap on the truck and its chassis. The panels were shape and contour cut to fit around the lower compartments of truck, so the frame could be easily tucked away and stored when the mobile kitchen is on the road.  

ATCO Mobile Blue Flame KitchenAtco Blue Flame Kitchen Frame Cover

To help set the stage at events, the wrap was designed to show a colorful image of a cottage, complete with windows and doors, and timely seasonal props—shrubs, trees and picket fences rich in greens during the summer months and snow shoes, skis and a toboggan paint a classic Canadian scene during the winter months. 

The goal of the marketing team at the Blue Flame Kitchen was not only to increase brand presence, but—and best of all—to share delicious food and cooking lessons with the community. With over 100 hrs, 1400 sq ft of printed 3M gloss over-laminate film and a lot of innovation, the signage crew at West Canadian successfully brought to life what the talented marketing team at ATCO envisioned.

Want to learn more about the custom signage we do at West Canadian? Check out our Signage Gallery today. 

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